Can’t decide whether you want to ski or surf? Well, why not do both?

There are just some days when you don’t know whether you’d rather go skiing and experience those winter wonders, or go surfing and bathe in the sun. Do not worry, there are some countries that offer both at the same time. These are all beginner-friendly destinations that offer both surfing and skiing lessons.

1. Southern California, USA

Skiing and surfing on the same day is so popular in California, that it even has its own name – The California Double. Go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains and then come to the sea and enjoy surfing. It is different for everybody, some like to hit the slopes in the morning and then go down to the beach to enjoy the sunset, others prefer to hit the waves early in the morning and then finish the night at home with a cup of hot chocolate after an exhausting day of skiing. You can surf at Malibu Beach, Venice Beach and Huntington Beach and go skiing at Big Bear Lake, Mountain High and Mountain Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains. You can read more about it here.

2. Chile

If you want to ski and surf on the same day, then visiting Chile is a must. It’s got tall waves and smooth ski runs. Winter begins in June and ends in October on Southern Hemisphere so that is the time when you should visit this amazing country. The ski resorts reside on the Andes and surfing camps are on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The surfing conditions here are excellent and will make learning how to surf easier. The beaches are quiet since not a lot of people know about the benefits of surfing in Chile. Valle Nevado is the main ski resort there. It is 65 kilometers away from their capital, Santiago. On this resort, there are helicopters that can take you to the highest peaks of the mountain for those thrill-seekers. Other ski resorts such as La Parva and El Colorado are also quite popular.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is a paradise when it comes to surfing since it has over 15,000 km of coastline. During winter you can be surfing at a moment and go skiing an hour later. Surfing in New Zealand during the winter can be dangerous because there are storms, the wind is strong and water is very cold. Places for beginners are Raglan and Piha, located on the west coast of the North Island. On the south, Christchurch is home to a popular beach called Taylors Mistake where when the conditions are just right, you might even get a chance to surf with the dolphins. Mountain Taranaki is where the Manganui Ski Area is located and it offers intermediate ski runs and open bowls. It takes a two hour’s drive from Christchurch to Mountain Hutt ski resort and this is one of the best ski resorts in New Zealand, so you’re sure to have a good ‘New Zealand Double’ there.