Travel Bucket List: These Are the Destinations You Must Visit If You Like Adventure

If you consider yourself an adventurer, you probably already have a bucket list of your own that contains some of the places you intend to visit someday. However, the blue planet that we call Earth is filled with exotic locations as well as exciting tourist destinations that many people have completely forgotten about. This short guide will suggest some of the best places in the world right now that should definitely be on your bucket list. Read on!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has many names, and one of them is Sin City. People love going there to party, take a shot at some casino games, and even get married overnight. If you consider yourself a party person, or you’d like to try your Casino Luck, you can join the never-ending celebration of life happening in this city in Nevada. The famous Las Vegas Strip is filled not only with resorts, casinos, dining places, and bars, but also great pieces of art such as the Bellagio Fountains, the Stratosphere Tower, and more.


Egypt is the place where it all started. This country has one of the longest histories in the world that resulted in immense cultural heritage. It is filled with numerous precious destinations that all people should visit, starting with the Great Pyramids of Giza. The river Nile is one of the most magnificent bodies of water in the world, and it is the main reason why the ancient Egyptian civilization flourished there, surrounded by harsh Sahara desert.

Millions of tourists flow in every year to witness some of the greatest wonders of humankind, including Valley of the Kings, the Great Sphinx, Karnak, and more. Therefore, you should definitely consider visiting it yourself as soon as you have the time and money to do that.


Many mistakenly believe that Paris is the first thing to visit in Europe. However, beautiful Paris lacks something that Berlin abounds with, and that is the clash of cultures. This German city was long divided between the East (Soviet Union) and the West (the USA), and its recent history made it what it is today — a vibrant city filled with young people who reside in buildings influenced by socialism, as well as capitalism. If you like nightlife as much as visiting great landmarks, Berlin is the place to go.


The Kingdom of Cambodia is an Asian country that is located on the Indochina peninsula. The country has a lot of historical sites that many people love visiting, such as the Angkor Wat temple. Furthermore, there are other interesting sites to see, such as the South Cardamom National Park where hundreds of protected species enjoy their peace and quiet. If you like animals such as elephants, prepare to have your mind blown!


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In fact, many would claim that it is one of the most underrated cities, despite the fact that thousands of tourists visit it every month. Apart from great cuisine and the legendary Portuguese wine, this city offers a lot of significant landmarks which are connected to the history of Portugal and the entire Iberian peninsula. Some of the places you should visit include the Tower of Belém, Jerónimos Monastery, Castelo de S. Jorge, and others.