Where Should Adventure Junkies Travel to?

Having a sense of adventure can take you to make interesting places and put you into many interesting situations. Some people enjoy extreme sports, others love to test their luck by betting on sports, playing casino games online, or hunting for bonus codes on bonuscode-casino.us. There are those that love a more quiet adventure, the one that involves learning about other cultures and people. This article is dedicated to them. Here are a few places we believe adventure junkies will enjoy.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Do you love the wilderness? Do you believe that animals are beautiful and fascinating and that you would love to be able to enter the TV for half of the Animal Planet shows? Consider Tanzania as your next destination.

Unlike most places that are worth a visit, the Serengeti National Park is anything but overcrowded. There are about 90,000 visitors to the park every year, which means that this is a treasure not many can enjoy. It contains one of the oldest ecosystems in the world and you can enjoy this virtually untouched corner of nature by going on a safari trip via a car or a hot-air balloon. If you adore nature, but also like to be pampered after the day is done, not to worry. You get to choose whether you sleep in a camp or a hotel.

Thimphu, Bhutan

If money is no object and you enjoy an exclusive look at wonders this earth has to offer, you are welcome to visit Bhutan. The visit may present a monetary challenge, as you need to pay for a visa, after which you are expected to spend up to $250 a night through a pre-approved traveling program. If you don’t comply with these, admittedly outlandish, fees, you might not be able to see Thimpu, the country’s capital that is nestled in a quiet valley filled with Buddhist and Hindu sites and temples.

The visa and the high cost come from their strict policy regarding visitors. While tourism is lucrative for Bhutan, they tend to discourage too much of it.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Another place where you can see life in motion is the Galapagos Islands. Be sure to check out their famous turtles. The archipelago has something for everyone, so you can visit any or all islands if you wish. When you are done with your adventure and start looking for a more conventional vacation, you don’t need to go away. The islands offer a number of leisure activities, like snorkeling and kayaking.

Lapland, Finland

This place is not for the faint of heart. It is also not for those that have issues with their circulatory system. It is really cold in Lapland, but the treat that awaits you there is amazing. Dog-sledding requires training, discipline, and the ability to stay alert through the cold. This is truly a test for all the adventure junkies out there.

Anywhere in Australia

Just staying alive through all the continent has to throw at you is a challenge enough. All kidding aside, apart from the hot climate, Australia has many options for thrill-seekers. There is Zorbing, or tumbling around in a giant ball. You can also ride a camel or go on a ghost crime tour. This is also another place where animal lovers will squeal from joy.